STIHL Tour des Trees

The 24th annual STIHL Tour des Trees is set to roll into Walnut Cove on Oct. 10.


Cyclists from the tour will be at the Walnut Cove Public Library from 11:45 to 12:30, planting a tree and making a book donation.

Following the library, the cyclists will then make their way to Walnut Cove, North Carolina, USA at 12:45.

“The Town of Walnut Cove is proud to host this part of the Tour des Trees,” Bobby Miller, town manager, said. “We welcome the TREE Fund to our town and support their efforts to bring awareness to the fight for our forests.”

While at the school, Warren Hoselton, a Toronto-based arborist and veteran tour cyclist, will present a 45-minute interactive course on tree science. The program will cover such topics as tree growth, proper locations to plant trees, and how to care for trees that have already reached their growth potential.

After Hoselton’s presentation, students, teachers, and the cyclists will plant and dedicate a tree on the school’s campus to commemorate the event.

The tour will start on Oct. 9 in Charlotte and will take cyclists through a 610-mile ride through the Carolinas, before circling back around to Charlotte for a victory lap through the city on Oct. 15.

Roughly 100 cyclists and tree enthusiasts are set to participate in the tour. The tour is used to raise awareness about urban forests, as well as raise money for research grants.

The STIHL Tour des Trees travels through a different part of North America each year, planting trees and conducting community events to help educate people on the importance of our planet’s natural resources,” Emily Brown, public relations assistant for the company that handles press coverage for the event, said. “Cyclists come from all walks of life and from around the U.S., Canada, and Europe to participate. Over the years, the Tour has raised millions of dollars benefiting tree research and education.”

Money raised from the event goes to benefit the TREE Fund, an organisation that provides funding for research grants, scholarships and educational programs relating to arboriculture and urban forestry. STIHL Inc. is one of the primary sponsors for the event.

Credit: The Stokes News for the original article

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