Protests to protect treasured Sheffield trees


Sheffield council are going up against residents in protests over plans to remove 31 lime trees from Rivelin Valley Road.

The road is home to 700 lime trees, one of the longest stretches of the trees, second only to Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire.

If you keep up with the news you might remember that the road caught the media’s attention back in November with council contractors disturbances to local residents and police detaining protesters.

Some of the local residents are back in the spotlight once more with the goal of protecting 31 of the trees on the road, which many describe as “one of the jewels in Sheffield arboreal crown” and “an invaluable asset to Sheffield and its heritage”.

Sheffield council have told local people that most of the trees would be felled because the roots could be damaged when the road was resurfaced and that the trees that are being removed are diseased and/or dangerous. Protesters seem to think otherwise however, saying a lot of the trees do not fit in with the contactor’s resurfacing approach.

Looking at the bigger picture it seems that the council are working in the city’s best interests, they signed a 25 year PFI deal in 2012 with Amey to maintain the city’s 36,000 roadside trees in a plan to bring the roads from some of the worst in the country to some of the best.

Whether this is the right way of going about it or not it’s clear what many of the locals think, over 2,200 people have signed a petition to “Save the trees on Rivelin Valley Road, Sheffield”.

It looks as if the council is listening, with reports from their cabinet member for the environment Bryan Lodge saying that the independent tree panel is looking at the trees and will report back soon. He’s also said that the board are working hard to maintain and improve Sheffield’s streets with the help of good and bad feedback for the current and future generations.

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