Arborist Spotlight – Cezary Romanowski

It’s fair to say that the Arborist from this month’s Arborist Spotlight is passionate about his job! Cezary Romanowski strapped a GoPro to himself for several months while on the job and his footage is truly phenomenal!

Cezary is a tree surgeon from Poland, which means he sharpens the teeth of his chainsaw and fills it up with fuel in a beautiful snowy woodland most days.

On a daily basis Cezary ties himself to a tree and makes his way up with spikes. Dispatching trees of all shapes and sizes a combination of his awesome techniques and the breathtaking scenery make his montage a spectacle.

Cezary takes what is arguably one of the most awesome jobs in the world and takes it up more than a few notches. With slick, smooth movements Cezary makes his way around the tree, each time tapping the wedge in a little further until finally the crane lifts the top of the trunk up and away. Cezary also shows off how sharp his axe is by running its blade along a piece of paper, after cutting down a tree and throwing his chainsaw behind his back to let it hang by its cord.

The video concludes with the tree surgeon chopping off the many branches of a tree, after winching himself into position. Before looking into the camera, turning away and demonstrating the trust he has for his tools by resting his chainsaw on his neck.

Credit to Mail Online for the Video featured in this post. 

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