The Automated Lawnmower – A gardener’s dream come true

Mowing the lawn is not the most interesting of tasks, many put off picking up the lawnmower as long as possible, but unfortunately it’s a task that has to be done.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if someone or something else could do it for you!

Well, these days you don’t have to dream, robotic mowers such as Husqvarna’s Automower™ can do the mowing for you.

What might surprise you is how long these robot mowers have existed!

It was the spring of 1959 at the Chelsea Flower Show when the journey to the modern ‘automated lawnmower’ truly began.

That year’s show offered guests a glimpse into the  ‘Garden of Tomorrow’, and center stage was H.C. Webb & Co. radio-controlled electric lawn mower.

September 1960’s issue of Radio Control Models and Electronics called it a “lazy gardener’s dream of heaven”.  An article by Vic Rigby, one of the electricians on the project team explains; the machine was capable of running for 2 1/2 hours continually with it’s two car batteries whilst moving at a breakneck speed of almost 2mph!

How a prototype pet project progressed into mobile phone controlled, fully automated mass produced machines.

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Get a perfect lawn all-year round with little effort.

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